Custom Lettering

Wear your team like the pros!

Create your custom jerseys and uniforms, and play beautiful! Wear yourself like the pros, with Custom Lettered Uniforms. We design and apply lettering to your uniforms with quality and quick turnaround.

It's easy to order your team uniforms. Just call to our Customer Service, 310.477.7700 and talk to a Offside Sports Consultant. It's our pleasure to provide you with the best custom uniforms - the best service and the best garments.

You can customize your team uniforms in 3 ways:

  • Twill (stitched around)
  • Thermo Film (Tufflex) (heat vinyl pressed on)
  • Chenille (patches)


Twill Lettering can be made from any font or lettering style. Send us your logo or artwork and you will have a great custom uniform! We have no minimum orders. Our professional staff will bring you the best quality in your uniforms.

Thermo Film (Tufflex)


Thermo Film is an excellent option for durable, long lasting, lightweight and brilliant colors. Your logo or number is digitized and cutted in a special heat sensitive vinyl by computer and then transfered to your uniform. The finish is excelent, and the uniform is absolutely fit to any athletic teamwear. You can get very sharp colors, and the garments are machine washable.

There are lots of colors to choose!

Tufflex colors


Chenille is a great choice for jackets. You can customize them with your logo cutted on chenille, or even mix with embroidery for complex designs.

There are several ways to customize your jackets with chenille. Your imagination is the limit!